After Your Move Tips

Set Up New Systems

Any move to a new location brings with it apprehension of moving furniture, packing fragile things in removal boxes, removalists taking your prized possessions to a new location. However, with this anxiety of change also brings with it the opportunity to set up new systems at your city apartment or residence. Here are some examples:

Unworn Cloths

On the day you arrive and unpack, place all your clothes hangers with cloths on backwards so they are harder to remove from the rail.  At the end of the Sydney summer season, or winter season you are in you will be able to tell which clothes you did not wear all season by the coat hangers being still in the unnatural back to front position. Its time to donate them to charity of sell them. There is no point in keeping articles that just don’t get worn year after year.

Junk Mail

Stop junk mail at your new residence by securing signs on your mailbox or registering with the post office that no junk mail is to be delivered by them. It will not stop all the Sydney’s junk mail deliveries you get on a daily basis in your mailbox, but it will help to reduce a large amount of it.


Take time to set up a recycling area in your new kitchen or garage. It needs to be easily accessible to allow easy storage for paper from plastic recyclables. Making this recycling area easy to access and with good storage containers ensures that you will get in the habit of using it.

Spare Hidden Keys

It is a good idea to make it a high priority to get a spare key cut and hidden in a secret location to ensure you do not ever get locked out of your new residence. It’s a simple thing to do but can save you so much heartache and expense by doing this. While at it, you may like to hide a spare key for the car in the same location in case you misplace the car keys in your home.

Know Your Neighbors

A simple thing to do is write a card to each of your neighbors introducing your self and noting your emergency numbers in it for contacting you if they see anything suspicious. You can ask if they could give you theirs in case you see anything odd occurring at their residence. This is a good neighborly thing to do and may save you being burgled.