More Moving Across Sydney Tips

Boomerang Boxes

These are an easy and convenient way to move your goods. You can hire them from us and are quickly replacing cardboard boxes as the sensible and cost effective packing option when on the move.


Where appropriate we use custom-made furniture movers dollies. Each has a 250kg capacity and can easily handle many fully loaded Boomerang Boxes.  The 100mm non-marking wheels provide a safe and smooth ride while on the move.

Hand Truck

Our Removalist Hand Trucks are an item we use and offer to help with the task of moving the Boomerang Boxes around without having to carry them. They are made from a lightweight but strong aluminum frame and can handle loads up to 200Kg

Packing Paper

Removalists acking paper comes in all shapes and quality. It is made from 100% recycled newspapers in some cases and is biodegradable. Recycled packing paper is an alternative to standard wrapping paper and plastic tissue. You can use it to wrap drinking glasses and plates and any other valuable items you want to protect. It is also useful to fill in the empty spaces in your packed Boomerang Boxes to prevent items from moving around.

Glass & Plate Packing

Wrapping glass and plates and will make them less likely to break during transport. We recommend the wrapping of each glass with packing paper or bubble wrap to provide extra protection in the removals process

ZIP Ties

There are a hundred and one handy uses for plastic zip ties when moving home or business. You just insert them through the specially designed latch on each and pull them tight. You’ll not have to fumble around looking for a way of attaching things together if you have a selection of these.


Being 100% organized through out the moving process is extremely important and will save you a lot of time. A good example is when unpacking all of your belongings, if you have been organized and grouped all garage stuff together it will all get unpacked methodically. While you are in the process of packing your items, use sticky labels to write down the content of each box, the room that item is intended for and the box number. This information is so important to help you keep track to your belongings and the stickers can be easily adhered to the sides of the removal boxes.