Moving Insights

A Sydney Customer experience shared…

I have volunteered to give a customers experience and insights on having the team at Your Mates Removals handle our move.

The thing that struck us was the extensive combined experience they had. Nothing was a problem as each issue we had concerns about had been overcome by them many times on past moves. This put our mines completely at rest and was reassuring that we had made the right selection of removalist.

To be frank we were very nervous about the removal of our extensive and expensive collection of geometric art deco china. It is our pride and joy. The removalists treated it with kid gloves and every piece was treated as if it was their own prized passion. I was fearful prior to them arriving but could not have been happier and would want only them wrapping and handling the collection again if we were to do another move.

They had things completed in a very orderly manner and there were no drama’s, only teamwork.

One thing that struck my wife as very helpful and I what I thought was a brilliant suggestion in having an ‘important box’. This box was described as the most important things not to go missing and most urgently needed on arrival at the new residence. It was last to go into the truck and first to come out and put on the kitchen bench for us, exactly where they said they would put it for us.

We thought it was a brilliant idea, being tea drinkers to pack the jug, teapot, tea, spoons and two mugs so we could make a cup of tea on arrival or at least not have to hunt around the furniture removal boxes for the items. There were a significant list of other items to find there way into the box including TV controllers, cables, chargers, pens and paper.

It is important to feel comfortable with the team you engage, and we were really happy with the guys and the extensive communication that went on through out the process. We felt we could ask any question and got complete, insightful and honest answers.

We were given lots of advice prior to the move as to how to make it easier for ourselves. Reassurance was given on many occasions about our anxiety that things may go wrong. They were right in giving us their words of reassurance as their years of experience in every situation, talked about earlier, really shone through and put us at ease.

You can tell we had a good overall experience and maybe when reading this you wonder if anything went wrong or could have been done better? Well nothing went wrong and we would have them do it all again if we had our time again. Laszlo and the team come with our 5 star rating as we have no hesitation in recommending that they to do your next move.